Using Lead Information Wisely

Leads are a very important part of any business that sells a product or service.  In the automotive industry, leads are great for matching up dealerships with the consumers who are looking to purchase a vehicle.  The more leads a dealership gets, the more they can pass onto their sales associates and the more cars they can sell each month.

Not all leads are created equal and it is crucial that the lead you get is a legitimate lead that is complete.  The more information you have about each lead the better off you are when it comes to contacting that potential car buyer.

The Complete Lead

One of the most unique and beneficial things about TradeVue is the lead information that the sales associate is given about the potential car buyer that have visited the dealership website.  You are not just getting a name and email, the information you receive about each lead includes:

  • Consumer’s name
  • Consumer’s email
  • Consumer’s telephone number
  • The vehicle of interest
  • The trade in range
  • The time the consumer would like to come to the dealership


How Lead Information Can Be Used

When you receive the above information on each potential car buyer, you have everything you need to start putting together the best deal you can for that consumer.

Consumer’s name – This is the beginning of your introduction to the consumer that has come to the dealership website. When you communicate with the potential customer, you definitely want to remember and use their name throughout the entire sales process.


Consumer’s email – Many consumers prefer to conduct communication via email for many different reasons. More often than not it is because they expect to be pressured right away by the salesperson and they are “afraid” to get into a situation where they feel they are being run over.

The email can be one of the most important pieces of information you have for that customer and can be a great way to introduce yourself and get to  know them a little bit.  Use the consumer’s email wisely.


Consumer’s telephone number – Starting off by calling a potential car buyer may not always be the best way to introduce yourself.

The average consumer prefers to handle as much of the interaction as possible online through email FIRST before hopping onto the phone so don’t immediately grab their telephone number and start calling.

Begin with an email introduction to yourself and how you can help them.  If you handle the email interaction with finesse, they will get on the phone with you soon enough and it will feel like they already know you which is a definite plus for you.  

Many consumers are nervous about talking on the phone because they don’t want to become committed to something they don’t feel ready for yet. This is where you taking the time to build trust come into play.  If you’re not in a rush to get on the phone, you will more than likely have them calling YOU when they feel safer.


Vehicle of Interest – This vehicle of interest is the vehicle the consumer clicked on right before they clicked on the TradeVue button to get their trade-in information. This information may not SEEM like a big deal but it is huge.

On the other trade in tool sites, they ask the consumer which vehicle they are interested in and this can cause the consumer to abandon the form completely if they don’t want to answer that information.

TradeVue‘s intuitive technology grabs this information based on the vehicle they clicked on when browsing and sends it to the sales associate.

This can provide the associate with an idea of what the consumer may be looking to purchase. It doesn’t mean the customer is locked into that one vehicle, but it gives you a good place to start.


Trade-In Range on their vehicle – Another great piece of information you get from TradeVue is the trade-in range on the vehicle they will use for their trade-in. This is also important as it gives you an idea of what they have to offer as a trade-in and how you can incorporate that into the deal you will put together for them.  The actual trade-in value can’t be determined until you see the vehicle in person, but it gives you that all important range that you will be working within.


The opportunity to schedule a visit – The last thing the consumer has the option to do on the TradeVue page is to schedule an appointment to  come to the dealership. If the consumer is serious about purchasing a vehicle, they will like the ability to schedule their own appointment.

This information gets sent to the dealership so the sales associate can be prepared for that appointment. If they don’t schedule an appointment from the site, don’t worry.

Just because the consumer doesn’t schedule an appointment at that time, that doesn’t mean that they are not serious, it may just mean that they need more interaction from you to go that next step in the process.


Using all of the information that TradeVue provides for your leads can help you increase your sales numbers at the end of each month.  Use the lead information to start a file for each potential customer. Add things to it as you communicate with them, whether through email or the telephone.  This customer file can be a great way to build a relationship with the consumer and not just have an empty lead that goes nowhere.

Even if the customer doesn’t purchase right away, if you use the lead information that TradeVue provides wisely and discerningly, that consumer could purchase a vehicle from you down the road when they ARE ready because they remembered how you interacted with them the first time.




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