How can your solutions help my dealership?

Our products were developed by dealers, data architects, and digital marketing experts. Each product has its own purpose but the primary focus is to increase on-page conversions. Most websites fail miserably at converting traffic. Our lead-generation technology has been perfected over 10 years of research, development, and testing.

How do you come up with your values?

We have developed a proprietary process, which utilizes real-time market data, wholesale data, and historical data to determine vehicle and motorcycle values.

What are your conversion rates?

Conversions or Form Completion Rates (FCR), is the percentage of contact forms completed by end-users. Our products average 49% FCR.

Why does tradeDrive only use 3 conditions?

Most car shoppers do not understand the difference between good, very good, poor, excellent, and average conditions. Plus, these are subjective. We use 3 condition ranges, below average, average, and above average, which are easy to understand and provide a better frame of reference.

How does your pricing work?

While we continue to build best-in-class conversion technologies we choose to keep our prices affordable. The average cost of our entire product suite is $499/month (per URL). Individual products average $199-$399/month.

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