Unmatched Lead Conversion

TradeVue uses hyper-accurate market data, a proprietary valuation engine, and a best-in-class customer experience to render on-page appraisals in under 60 seconds.

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Source more inventory by dominating trades in your market

Drive up to 450% more trade leads using an omnichannel strategy that targets people in your market looking to sell or trade their vehicle.

Customer Engagement

Reach car shoppers whenever and wherever they are

TradeVue utilizes physical and digital channels to expand your dealership's reach and engage more potential buyers.

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Branding & Design

Personalize Your Customer Experience

Our custom landing pages will spotlight your brand and your dealership, and the call-to-action will always align with any special offers or incentives shown on your retargeting ads.

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Send trade appraisals directly to mobile devices

Deliver trade offers to your customers via text and simultaneously copy your sales team so you can start a conversation and work the deal.

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Trade Offer Mailers

Reach Car Shoppers at Home

Add our QR Code to any mailer or special invitation, and make it easier for your customers to get their trade value.

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Mobile First Design

TradeVue is ultra-responsive and features our trademark Appraisal Diamond. This highly-engaging visual reference converts shoppers into leads at an astounding rate.

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Reduce Cognitive Load UX: Less Thinking Leads to More Clicking

Cognitive Load UX is the amount of active mental processing necessary to complete tasks. TradeVue reduces cognitive load UX, which creates more engagement.

Form Completion Rate Counts!

Form Completion Rate (FCR) is how all conversion tools are measured. If a product has a poor FCR, you lose leads and ultimately sales! TradeVue has an average FCR of 49% - nearly 5 times the industry average!

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Range-Based Appraisals

We developed the concept of range-based appraisals and today our valuation logic is used by hundreds of dealers, vendors and marketing companies. Our range-based appraisals reduce negotiations by up to 70%.

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Trade: the ultimate Call-To-Action

It’s usually the first buy signal and a great way to start a conversation with an online customer.

Trades appraisals will always be part of the digital mix.

Trades also help balance used-to-new inventory ratios.


the ultimate Conversion Tool

  • Mobile first technology
  • Range-based appraisals improve dealership CSI
  • Trade-to-Text
  • Mobile-Scan QR Technology
  • Proprietary data set
  • Sticky design
  • Highest form completion rate (39%)
  • Adjustable values
  • Fully Customizable
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Key Features Overview

Turbocharge your website conversion strategy with TradeVue
Range Based

TradeVue utilizes a range-based appraisal process which affords your dealership additional leverage upon physical inspection of a customer’s vehicle.

Spanish Version

TradeVue can be viewed in Spanish.

Visually Appealing

Values are displayed on our exclusive Appraisal Diamond, providing a better frame of reference for your customers.


TradeVue is completely customizable and can be presented as an independent resource for your customers or as a native tool on your website.

Single Page Format

Most trade appraisals feature multiple pages, which cause higher abandonment rates. TradeVue’s entire appraisal process is shown on one page.


In speed tests against the top trade tools, TradeVue came out on top. Your customers will appreciate our simplicity and speed.

Proprietary Software

Our valuation logic utilizes market data collected from multiple sources and factors in current market trends, demand and seasonality based upon several

Mobile Friendly

Over 50% of your online traffic comes from mobile. TradeVue is mobile-friendly and ultra-responsive on all of your customer's devices.

Incredible Support

Have a Question? We are just a phone call, or email away. Our stellar support department delivers an unmatched customer experience.

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