The Importance of The Spanish Version of TradeVue

If you are not actively providing options for your Spanish speaking customers, you could be leaving a lot of money on the table.  Some dealerships have Spanish versions of their websites which is a great way to reach the Hispanic community in a way they prefer.

Not all dealerships have a separate Spanish version of their site, but even if your dealership doesn’t have a specific site that is all in Spanish, there are ways you can make the car buying process easier and more enjoyable for your Spanish speaking consumers.

Dealer Marketing Magazine reported data that shows that purchases made by Spanish speaking consumers are on track to double from 2010 to 2020. What that translates into are roughly two million vehicles that will be purchased by Spanish speaking consumers in 2017 alone!

Other studies show that approximately 75% of the Hispanic community regularly speaks Spanish in their own homes and 4 in 10 prefer online and offline content that is in Spanish or mostly Spanish.

With knowledge of this data, it is important that you don’t leave your Spanish speaking customers out when it comes to your dealership website. Having Spanish options is also very important for any forms your site offers, such as trade-in value forms, financing forms, and others.

TradeVue was contacted by consumers and dealers alike asking for a Spanish version, and we were happy to oblige.  The Spanish version of TradeVue was released the end of October 2017 and it’s made a big difference for dealerships when it comes to serving the Spanish speaking community.

The Spanish version of TradeVue integrates smoothly and easily with Spanish sites that the dealership has as well as offering a Spanish option for dealerships that only have an English site.

All the customer has to do is click the button at the top right of the TradeVue form and the entire process of finding their trade-in value can be handled in Spanish including the individual input boxes.  It is still fast, simple, and easy while offering the Spanish speaking consumers the ability to get their trade-in value in their own language.

Having a Spanish option for your trade-in platform invites the Hispanic community to enjoy the same opportunities English speaking consumers have.

It may not seem like a significant thing, but having this Spanish option shows the Hispanic consumers that you respect that they prefer to use Spanish forms or that they may not speak English at all and can’t use the English-only versions.

Battling through a form in English when you don’t speak the language can result in misinformation and frustration, and the loss of a sale. The TradeVue Spanish version eliminates this frustration and that can lead to more sales for your dealership from this demographic that is increasing by leaps and bounds on a yearly basis.



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