Knowing THIS Can Help Your Car Buyers


One of the many unique things about the TradeVue® conversion platform is that once the car buyer has submitted their form to get their trade-in range, the dealer has all the information they need to have a quality lead, INCLUDING the specific vehicles the car buyer was interested in when they were browsing the site!

If they click on more than one vehicle, the dealer will be notified of every car the potential buyer clicks on during their site visit. This can be a great way to lead into a conversation with the prospective buyer whether that contact is through email, telephone, or in person.

When you can say something like “I see that you’re possibly interested in a Jeep Wrangler or one of our Dodge pickup trucks.” (because those are two of the vehicles they clicked on when they submitted their trade-in information) it can be a real conversation starter.

Some car buyers know precisely what they want before they ever step foot on the lot, but others may look at many different vehicles before they start to narrow the choices down, depending on what features are important to them. (i.e., good gas mileage, power locks and windows, lots of upgrades, etc.)

Knowing what their potential interests are before you speak with them will allow you to meet their needs and interests better than if you simply call them and say “What type of vehicle are you looking for?”

This special feature of TradeVue® gives you, the dealer, an insight to the car buyer that other trade-in tools don’t offer. It provides a personal touch and attention to their needs that will appeal to your buyers. You will be able to prepare for your conversation ahead of time by having a few selections in mind, ready to show them that line up with what they were interested in when they came to your website.


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