Give Them a Reason to Come Back

When a potential car buyer leaves your website, you want to give them something to remember.  Leaving them with information about a special sale, discount, or promotion that they will benefit from will encourage them to come back or contact you directly when they are ready to purchase a vehicle.
This is where ExitVue® can really make you and your dealership shine.  ExitVue® is a digital billboard that is part of the TradeVue conversion platform.  This is the last thing the potential car buyer sees after they fill out the information on the one-page form and have viewed the trade-in range of the vehicle they are trading-in for their new car.
It is very important to give your potential customers a solid, appealing call to action and with ExitVue®; you will be able to accomplish that.  Most dealerships use ExitVue® to present a coupon, special discount, or to notify customers of an upcoming sale.
Here are a few examples of good ExitVue® messages:
  • $500 additional trade-in value for your vehicle
  • $1000 off the purchase price
  • 0% APR financing for the first two years
  • Two-Day sale on every car on the lot
  • 15% discount on their first service call
ExitVue® is 100% customizable and easy to change so you can offer specials, promotions, and discounts all year long.
The last thing your potential customer sees will leave an impression one way or the other.  You want to be certain that the impression you leave is one that will catch their attention and give them, even more, the incentive to get on a call with you or come to the dealership.
Keep your ExitVue® messages current and up-to-date and make sure that everyone that is part of the car buying process in your dealership knows exactly what the message is and what it offers.
It is very frustrating for a customer if your response is “Let me check and see if we are still offering that”.  This response makes it look like the sales associates don’t know what is going on and it will leave a bad taste in the customer’s mouth, even if you come back and tell them that the offer is valid.
Remember, impressions are SO important in business.  You want to make sure that ALL the impressions you leave your customer with are positive ones, as often as possible.
If you have TradeVue® already but you aren’t utilizing the ExitVue® messages, you are missing a great opportunity to bring more customers into the dealership who are interested in the deal or discount you offer.


Want to see ExitVue® in action?  Click Here to schedule a 15-minute demo or contact us with any questions you may have on getting the most out of this great feature of TradeVue®.
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