Do Your Customers Like What They See?

Nothing grabs a consumer’s interest more than visually appealing graphics.  Plenty of studies have been conducted on how images and colors appeal to consumers.
No one wants to look at nothing but blocks of words and numbers.  Not only is it boring, but it can be more difficult to understand as well, especially if there are lots of words and numbers.
TradeVue® understands the consumer’s preference for visually appealing graphics and created the TradeVue® Conversion Platform to be visually engaging as well as functional and easy to use.   The design of the Appraisal Diamond®, as well as the Value Range Meter®, is specifically geared to the consumer with visual appeal, simplicity, and speed in mind.
When potential car buyers click on the TradeVue® “Value My Trade” button on your dealership website they will be taken to a page just like the one below, where they can input all of the relevant information about the vehicle they want to trade-in.
The input fields are easy to see and the Appraisal Diamond® is colorful without being garish or distracting. Everything on the page is easy to understand and simple to fill out and the Appraisal Diamond® gets their attention without being in their face.

The TradeVue® Conversion Platform instantly breaks down the three different ranges provided (above average, average, and below average) and explains to the consumers what conditions would place their vehicle at one level or another.(i.e. specific mechanical issues, cosmetic needs, etc.)
Potential car buyers can look at this one-page trade-in form and know everything they need to know about the trade-in range the sales associate will be working within. They don’t have to go through multiple pages, nor is the information a confusing mass of nothing but numbers and words.
TradeVue® makes sure that your customers get the information they want on the easy-to-understand Value Range Meter in seconds which improves your FCR as well.
Consumers like simplicity. TradeVue® Conversion Platform is simple without being visually boring and it’s easy to recognize on your dealership website due to the attractive Appraisal Diamond design®. With over 47% of all new car deals including a trade-in1, you want to make sure that you get a trade-in tool that will appeal to your consumers.


Want to see TradeVue® in action for yourself?  Click HERE to schedule a 13-minute personal demo.




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